Revamped Lara's bedroom

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Revamped Lara's bedroom

Post by mjolnirs on Fri Sep 24, 2010 6:54 pm

I've retouched a little the TRA bedroom ripped by TRKO (original link), remade some textures, touched a bit some meshes, and splitted the BIG mesh in three sectors... but only had time to revamp the bedroom (and made a "bathroom", not included here, as it's unfinished) perhaps I could finish the two remaining sectors later (like... the next year Razz). I honestly thought that nobody would be interested on it, but for my surprise it has almost 100 downlads so far, why not post it? Smile Credits: Dusan for XNALara, Bedroom by TRKO, Paravent by AtlantiB.

Before and after pics:

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