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Amanda RPG

Post by mjolnirs on Fri Sep 24, 2010 9:24 pm

I've made this inspired by all the strong readheaded gaming/action females. More particularly RPG gaming females. Even more particularly by The Witcher females Laughing Yeah, those guys at CD Projekt are crazy, in an awesome way. They've made every-single-female of relevance in The Witcher, redheaded, lol.

Some people hated the game for the combat system... but once advanced in the game (with all the styles upgraded) and playing in the hardest difficulty, it was really cool, like watching Geralt perform some crazy badass dance of buttkicking, or something. Greatest RPG of the last years IMHO.

Easy Geralt... everything'll be fine.

Quicky credits (open the readme for the full credits): Dusan for XNALara, AtlantiB for the amazing Amanda bikini V2, Jojjo for the Silverlight Armor (TESIV), XunAmarox for the HFB - Imperial Crusader (idem), XNAaraL for the camera targets and the the thorgauntlet assignement idea, and for rezising the model to the correct size (she's not a giant next to Lara anymore hehe), Smirnoff-Sweetie for the Ornamental Brushes. Testing pose: Standing by ChingKong (ps: check thorgauntletright/left for 'resting' items pose).

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