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Tiger RPG

Post by mjolnirs on Fri Sep 24, 2010 9:35 pm

Here it is, the beautiful (but DEADLY!!) warcat: the Lynxer Credits (for the full credits, please read the readme.txt included): mystikhybrid; odin_ml and Maboroshi Daikon for the saddlebag mod for TESIV, Smirnoff-Sweetie and alwaheed2007 for the cool brushes, XNAaraL for helping me rezising the thing, and of course Dusan, Eidos and Bethesda.

Pics (unarmored too, so you can appreciate the anatomical facial differences).

and, on Daventry's request, with Cringer's (He-Man's tiger-mount) color palette:

Download and the Cringer's textures (remember to make a backup, so you won't lose the original textures) Download.
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