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XNALara 9.4.1

Post by XNAaraL on Thu Feb 24, 2011 6:44 pm

Update: version 9.4.1
- Lara's handguns now support transparency (so it's possible to make their custom mods with transparency) - requested by Ventrue

- a major bug fix: for 2 years there had been a very serious bug in bump mapping shaders - bump mapping on posed models had never been rendered correctly at all! I spent basically the whole weekend rewriting everything related to bump mapping from scratch.

- OBJ models now support specular maps (the map_Ks keyword in .mtl files)
Here's a sample OBJ model demonstrating the new functionality plus a corresponding .scene file with a set-up scene.

DOWNLOAD sample OBJ model

- bug fix (the new mesh groups #22 and #23 didn't show in renders with enabled alpha channel)

Specular maps:

- new mesh groups #22 (opaque models) and #23 (with transparency) which expect the following 7 textures on input:
diffuse, lightmap, bump, mask, bump1, bump2 and specular map

- specular maps are textures which define (per pixel) the color and intensity of the light reflected off the given surface

- the global intensity (multiplier) of the gloss/specular effect for the whole mesh part is the same as before: the floating point value in the mesh name, for example 22_jacket_1.0_16_16; so set this value to 1.0 (or even higher) and then modify the per-pixel intensity of the effect with the brightness of pixels in the specular map/texture
you can use this effect to increase realism of your images, or even to produce crazy effects as shown below Smile
this effect requires shaders v3.0 (or just a single-light setup with shaders v2.0)

Also, $AtlantiB$ and dizzydoil kindly provided the following models which show the specular maps in action (thanks Smile):

DOWNLOAD sample model by AtlantiB
DOWNLOAD a snow plane by AtlantiB

- Multi-bone reset:
The Reset selected bone button now works not only for individual bones: when you click on a group node in the bone tree-view of the left, such as "arm" etc., the entire hierarchy of bones grouped underneath this node will be reset when you press the button. This way you can reset all fingers on one hand, the whole arm, or even both arms etc. - with just a single click.

- new command: File > Reset scene (requested by Sharon_14); removes all models, resets all lights, restores the original window size etc.

- texture reloading on the fly (hotkey F8) didn't work when there were multiple copies of the same model in the scene; the program would actually crash; this is fixed now.


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