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XNALara XNA Posing Studio 10.8.8 Empty XNALara XNA Posing Studio 10.8.8

Post by XNAaraL on Mon Sep 24, 2012 6:01 pm

Many Thanks to the programer Cochrane that wrote this new fresh shader to add realism in BUMP CALCULATION.

Cochrane has also written a XNALara/XPS version for MAC users.
GLLara is a program for Mac OS X (10.8 and higher only at the moment)
that does the same things as XNALara and tries to be compatible with it,
because it sucks that XNALara isn't available for Mac users.
You use it together with XNALara models

Back to the topic.

XNALara/XPS 10.8.8

The new features are:

:: REAL BUMP mapping::
The way XNAlara (and XPS) do bump maps is kind of odd. The effect does not change when you turn the light.
The new shaders use a different way to find out how much light a pixel gets.
This way how every other program does it. As a result, the direction and the color of the light work properly. The new shader with "real Bumpmapping" is not "just a fix", it makes everything right!

- New Modify-->Flag dialog to change the tangent space for wrong Normalmap textures. A request by Goha. Example model laptop by Dusan includet.
- Models with a wrong tangent space, caust by using a outdated asciiToBin converter, are now corrected on the fly (every time if the model are loaded into XPS)
- Models released by Dusan using the old "non generic" format are corrected by setting the proper normal map flags.
- XPS sucks now no longer with error messages. Only the .mesh.ascii loader inform about the problems.
Every .mesh are loaded without this warnings.
- some internal changes.

Here the link to the new XPS updated 24.09.2012: http://xnalara.home-forum.com/t170-xnalara-xna-posing-studio-latest-version

XNALara XNA Posing Studio 10.8.8 1348338773-newflagdialog
Laptop, released by Dusan

XNALara XNA Posing Studio 10.8.8 1348506592-dusanmeshformat
Lara jungle shorts, released by Dusan with the demo object http://www.sendspace.com/file/hif9v3 for comparison the shading.

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