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GLLara 0.1.1

Post by Cochrane on Sat Feb 02, 2013 6:34 pm

In english:

Und deutsch:

Download (no longer on Github, since they got rid of downloads):

Project home page, with bug tracker and complete source code:

New features:

  • Export posed objects as OBJ
  • Export poses
  • Select bones by clicking on them.
  • Experimental support for 10.7. Warning: Not all computers running Mac OS X 10.7 can run this app. Only those that support OpenGL 3.2 or higher (that's the same ones that can be upgraded to 10.8 ) qualify.
  • The program is officially signed, so it will run without trouble even on 10.8 (where you have to take extra steps to run unsigned apps).
  • Emissive textures, like in XPS 10.9.2
  • Change normal vector assignments (as in XPS).

So not a lot, and somewhat behind XPS. Don't worry, I plan to catch up, but right now, the important part was the bug fixes:

  • Textures are loaded correctly on Intel GPUs.
  • The app no longer hangs on certain GeForce cards.
  • New files don't show up as modified from the start.
  • Light direction values were all wrong.
  • You can now see all UI elements at the default window size.
  • Selecting a lot of meshes no longer takes forever.
  • DDS textures with 32 bit but no alpha channel are supported.
  • A few items were problematic.
  • And some others.

This update is recommended to all users and so on. Have fun!

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