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Post by mo0nX on Fri Jul 19, 2013 7:05 pm

Hi guys i need some help .
I recently started to use XNAlara ...and i keept using it and again untill i started to like it a lot.

Unfortunately i'm a noob and i dont know many features that comes with this program .

So I thought i'll make a forum account and ask more pro people.

Can somebody tell me how do I ROTATE the model? Like rotate it in plane like in the following picture :Moving model 2cxx7km

When i press "HELP" on the program it only gives me the camera options and how to move the model . But it doesnt say how to ROTATE it.
Im waiting for an answer ty in advance and glad to meet ya all Very Happy

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Moving model Empty Rotating a model

Post by XNAaraL on Thu Jul 25, 2013 5:35 am

How to rotate a model.

See also [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] found with "XNALara how can i rotate the whole model"

Okay, that's probably a stupid question (and with "probably" i mean it totally is) but how can i rotate the whole model?
Find the root bones.. usually theres 2.. but some model have 1.. root hips/root ground. Select it like any other bones and rotate .. I've added some tips on the 3rd post above. .. well, I planned it to be the 2nd post.. but someone stole that position

If you cant find the root bones on the model, you'll have to find their names on the control window. But usually, the root ground are way below the model, so its alway easy to find and select it

   Simple User Manual.

   Click a bone to select it.
   Scroll mouse up and down while pressing Q/W/E rotates the bones on their respective axis.
   Pressing Shift while pressing 1 of the 3 keys move them instead.
   Ctrl + click moves the models around faster.
   Use the control bar for fine tuning.
   The value under each axis bar on control window can be key in, just select a bone first .
   Find root hip or root ground to rotate the model as a whole. 1 located near the middle around the hip (surprise) the other located below the ankle.
   Lock a model when working with several models in a scene.
   Bloom setting is in Options -> post processing parameters.
   Lighting setting is in Option -> Lighting parameters.
   F2 save a camera position, F3 loads.
   You can save poses, as a whole, or parts of them .. reloading them on another model reduced time posing, if the other model conformed to the naming guidelines.. but theres a few base bones that are used for rigging. so no guarantees, but it does helps a lot.
   To save everything, use the scene save function.
   Some model requires back face culling to be turned on, some requires it to be off. Try turning that option on and off if your model appears weird. Its in Option-> back face culling.

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Use the 'root hips' bone  to rotate a XNALara/XPS model.

Step by step:

When you press "HELP->3D Controls",
Moving model D6ae71d0f703918f539b7c76513d269758eec44a
then the 5. bullet say:  "LMB click ... select bone"

--> Select the bone named "root hips" or "root ground" by clicking it with the Left Mouse Button on it. This bones rotate/move the whole character.
... or click it using the "Control Window"

When you press "HELP->3D Controls",
then the 6. bullet say: "(NumPad1 or Q) + LMB drag ... rotate the selected bone around X axis"
--> Hold the key 'Q' down. Press also the Left Mouse Button and move your mouse ... to rotate the bone.
... or use the "Control Window" and adjust the X, Y or Z axis with the LMB

Moving model 22a2c70735fae6cdbc65cbc50fb30f2440a70fce


You can also find a video, which explain this, inside the same post which contains the image ... show by yourself [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

If you have downloaded the english Tutorial by LaraRules81, which you can also found here [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
then all this is explained in
Part Two: The Control Window
Part Four: Adding your Character
Part Five: Posing Lara

I reccommend the hints on page 15:

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