XNA Posing Studio -- Countdown Scale Edition

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XNA Posing Studio -- Countdown Scale Edition

Post by XNAaraL on Thu Nov 28, 2013 8:06 am

XPS -- Countdown Scale Edition -- release 171

- Bones can be resized (scale). Switch to scale mode the same way you switch between rotate and move. This feature works as normal poses, therefore can be saved, reset and controlled with bone groups.
- new .scene format (version 1.19, old scenes still work) which support the "bone mode Scale" feature.
- "Load Scene" has a new option to replace models with others (The flag is ''Use different models'', when the scene was saved with this XPS version or higher you can replace models with different bones aswell)
- the "Bump specular gloss amount" can be linked to any model now with "Modify-->Flags-->Save current bump specular gloss". This way it is possible to have different settings for other models on the screen. Clicking OK in the box is enough and these models will ignore the globally set amount of this shader. You can reset it of course by just deleting the tick and press OK again.

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