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XNA Posing Studio -- Countdown Sepia Edition Empty XNA Posing Studio -- Countdown Sepia Edition

Post by XNAaraL on Thu Nov 28, 2013 8:09 am

XPS -- Countdown Sepia Edition -- release 173
XNA Posing Studio -- Countdown Sepia Edition 1385125298-sepia
Download link: http://www31.zippyshare.com/v/63450828/file.html

- New Sepia Shader that does a sepia tone, which makes the texture look kind of like an old photograph. Exists in two variations: "Options-->Post-processing parameters" (affects the whole scene), "Shader-->Sepia Tone default shader" (affects only 3d models (not background image) This can be adjust using the "Post-processing parameters" like the ''Saturation'' slider
- Default pose stored into the .xps mesh file with scale informations
- After load a scene with different models, the scene can be saved with the names of the replaced items
- Easter Egg can now also inkoked if the Control Window is active
- Script API extended (scale and HUD message) ... Posing sript "XpsPosingScript.cs" include a demo (new Easter Egg)
- Import/Export script has a new shortcut Ctrl+S because F2 was already used for "Rename Bones"
- The shortcut F2 toggle now also the "rename bones" button to a sensitive state.
- If the "Bone Mode" scale is active, then inside the Control Window the right slider is labeled as "Scale" ( and not "Height")
- New shortcut to scale (resize) the bones inside the Render Window ... "(NumPad8 or S) + LMB drag ... scale selected bone around all axis"
- Undo Feature Ctrl+Z for the new scale bones feature.
- render group x_ will be invisible and meshes using it deleted when the file is saved again

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