Arm Shoulder 2 Problem with every model.

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Arm Shoulder 2 Problem with every model.

Post by Henryque999 on Mon Jul 14, 2014 8:48 pm

Hello people of XNALara Forum, i want help with something, Its with the Arm Shoulder 2.

(Note that: Obviously i'm using the Latest Version:

I just downloaded today Lara Legend Sport Green, And i'm doing a Mesh Mod, combining the legend head with the sport body, but when i save with:

(Note 2: I already finished my mesh mod, the only way was NOT selecting the Hide Selected Bone, when i hide a bone, at least it work without that option, ,But if you still know how do i stop with this i'll be very aprecciated  Very Happy )

Save Only visible Mesh part


Hide unused Bones ( The Creator of the problem).

when i re-put the model again, the Arm Shoulder 2 just disappear, and the Arm Shoulder 1 will be the only function, Maybe i have to do something? Name the 2 to 1, and the 1 to 2, so the 1 can be deleted and not the 2th one ? I need help so i can finish this Mesh-Mod.

Thanks for your attention
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