[Mesh-Mod] Lara Sport Legend Face.

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[Mesh-Mod] Lara Sport Legend Face. Empty [Mesh-Mod] Lara Sport Legend Face.

Post by Henryque999 on Tue Jul 15, 2014 12:27 am

Really, i didn't knew where i had to post this, so here it goes.

Hello guys, this is my Mesh-Mod based on someone's Lara Sport , Since i downloaded from a Site, and he didn't put the credits. but maybe it's from Navid, I dunno.. If you guys know who's the owner tell me please.

I used 2 Different Models
Lara from the Lara Croft Collection (All TR Models, 1 to 9 In their default costumes)
Lara Legend Sport ( Can be Legend, but it has TRU Face, and doesn't have weapons, so i improved in them, i downloaded Navid's TRL Weapons and the rest yk.)

[Mesh-Mod] Lara Sport Legend Face. Lara_croft_sport_outfit_legend_face_release__by_henryque999-d7qotzd

Direct Link:

Just saying that her weapons will spawn with her, because i still don't know how to make them invisible , but able to appear by the menu again. Like those Models you see around in DeviantArt.. Ex: Dante.

So hope you guys enjoy it! =)
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