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Mimic a Model Rig Empty Mimic a Model Rig

Post by Guest on Mon Nov 10, 2014 9:50 am

I want to put a Low Poly Poseable Worm Model onto a High Poly Armature Poseable Rope Model, hence the Result works in the end, but the New Worm Poseable Model is having a Spasm Attack, How do i Match the Poly/Vertices of the Old Worm Model with the High Poly Rope.

I Loaded a High Poly Poseable Rope Model into Blender in witch i deleted except for the Armature, then i Loaded and dragged a Low Poly Worm Poseable Model over the Armature. All went well after Exporting, except now in XPS, the New Worm Model is moving weird and skew, instead of moving with the Bones. The Worm and Rope Models were both perfectly straight Models, i just Resized the Low Poly Worm Model to match the same size as the Rope.

Advice from Love2Raid
- import the rope model in Blender, don't move it around or resize it
- import the worm, you can move the worm so that it aligns perfectly with the bones of the rope and even resize it, that's ok
- delete the bones of the worm model
- now delete all the vertex groups from the worm, make sure they are all gone
- then select the worm, press shift and select the rope also (I think this is the right order, not 100% sure anymore, could be the other way around...)
- go to object -> scripts -> boneweight copy and click on OK (don't change anything)
- delete the rope, now you only have the worm model and the bones from the rope left
- export and you're done

I tried another Model and the Result went Swimmingly.

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Mimic a Model Rig Empty To mimic a model pose as rig

Post by XNAaraL on Mon Nov 10, 2014 10:11 am

The solution:
"What is also possible" [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

daventry wrote: How do i Match the Poly/Vertices of the Old Model with the New Model.
- Use XPS
- Load both models inside XPS
- Pose the "robe" model using Pose/Move/Scale to match with the pose of the "worm" model.
- Export the "robe" model with freeze pose ... using Shift+F11 equal "Export selected as .mesh.ascii (posed)" equal "Modify-->modify armature according to the current pose"
- follow the advice from Love2Raid ... taken from the same link above Wink

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Mimic a Model Rig Empty Re: Mimic a Model Rig

Post by Guest on Sun Feb 22, 2015 9:06 pm


I made a Tutorial to make myself understand better, so please go here and scroll down to the part about Rig it Yourself.

Atleast i made it Poseable cheers

Mimic a Model Rig Screen


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Mimic a Model Rig Empty Re: Mimic a Model Rig

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