XNA Posing Studio XPS 11.3 -- Wolf Bane Edition -- release 180

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XNA Posing Studio XPS 11.3 -- Wolf Bane Edition -- release 180

Post by XNAaraL on Thu Jan 07, 2016 7:15 am

Hello dear watchers,

Today we release the new version of XPS! This release got ist name as a small 'Thank You' to xnalara.home-forum's user WolfBane, who submitted a very detailed and good to process bug report Smile

What's new?

1. New Features

-> New Option in Config>Preferences: 'Expand bone tree' Disable it to make the tree appear 'closed' on default and only show ist sub-bones when you display them.

Updated Shortcuts:
-> Ctrl + A = Show Optional Items Menu
-> V = Show all Optional Items
-> Alt+V = Hide all Optional Items
-> Ctrl + I = Add Item(s)
-> Ctrl + X = Remove selected Item
-> Alt + X = Reset Pose
-> Ctrl + Alt + X = Reset Scene

Please Keep in mind that the Shortcut 'A' is not working anymore. It is now 'Ctrl+A' as stated above!

Material Editor Updates:
-> Rename Mesh Parts
-> Rename Optional Items (also works when grouping parts together)
-> Added Tool Tips

-> Commands ->Save/Load Optional Item state
-> Options-->Display accessories-->Display/Hide all Optional Items
-> Config-->Preferences-->Display HUD-Messages
-> Config-->Preferences-->Expand bone tree
-> WASD Control the main window. You can adjust the Speed in the preferences (Config> Preferences) and hold shift for additional speed.

2. Bug Fixes and Changes

-> Fix for models with mesh parts (previously) splitted into more than 2 parts
-> 'Commands->Mirror pose' and 'Commands-->Flip pose' now also process the Scale option
-> TW3 importer improved for female characters

Convinced. I want the DL!
-Here you go for the Download:

Core Design: http://www.core-design.com/community_xps.html
;Mirror Download: http://www51.zippyshare.com/v/1SX3zVtB/file.html

We hope you enjoy using XPS - XNA Posing Studio in it's new version and look forward to the next one! .. Januar 06 2016

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