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Post by XNAaraL on Wed Oct 10, 2012 5:39 pm

XNA Posing Studio 10.8.6

New OBJ Files (a 3D Object Format) Loader Modify-->Load static .OBJ
XPS now supports Wavefront Models (*.obj) with associated Material Files(*.mtl) which define the texture files in subfolders under the .obj data folder.

Static models (in the form of OBJ files) can be placed at any location. These objects are most commonly buildings, but they could be houses, airplanes, or even people. Such a model is simply a self-contained folder with all elements of the model. These include:
* .obj geometry file, which contain the 3D shapes.
* .mtl library text file, which define how things look and where the texture images are stored.
* .png, .dds, .jpg ... textured materials to cover the 3D model. All files are normaly in the same folder. Some static models uses relative paths for texture files which are in a subdirectory of the exported .obj model. The .mtl file describes the location.

Download link: http://xnalara.home-forum.com/t170-xnalara-xna-posing-studio-latest-version

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