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XNALara / XNA Posing Studio XPS 10.9.7 -- Ultimate UV Edition   Empty XNALara / XNA Posing Studio XPS 10.9.7 -- Ultimate UV Edition

Post by XNAaraL on Wed Oct 16, 2013 9:23 am

XPS 10.9.7 -- Ultimate UV Edition

XNALara / XNA Posing Studio XPS 10.9.7 -- Ultimate UV Edition   Comparison_by_xxfreakyunderworldxx-d6qgci1
Image by xXFreakyUnderworldXx

The 1th image show the model released for previous XNALara/XPS versions.
The 2nd image demonstrate, how the model can be released for the new XPS 10.9.7 version.

Many thanks to the community for their support.

Download links latest version
Download: http://www75.zippyshare.com/v/31781971/file.html
Notes: Click the big ''Download Now'' button on the right for the zippyshare download!
Mirror: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zlsmi8vphh3pm8a/XNALara_XPS.zip

The "New features request thread" http://xnalaraitalia.deviantart.com/journal/Vi-domando-un-parere-XPS-LAB-333144557
XPS supports now models with  multiple UV sets !

What is NEW added?

With previous XNALara/XPS versions, the diffuse map and the light/specularmap share the same UV-Map (winding-up created with unfold).

But, for example, some models have a mirrored UV map. If you want to add a Detail ... like a sticker, shadows or the blood ... on one side, then this decal also appears mirrored on the other side of the model ... because the UV map are mirrored.

The Character example from above:

In this issue, the character model from above, looks like this image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2… -- No one want to release such a model. Sad

With previous XNALara/XPS Versions, the porters have to create a complete new uv map and to repaint every texture from scratch. -- No one want to make such a effort.

With the new "XPS 10.9.7 Decal Edition", the porter can load the model in a 3D Editor ... attach a 2nd uv layer ... press  the unfold button to create the unmirrored uv map ... and paint the decal on this 2nd layer ... if the model does not already have these decals.

The Blender Export script save all this Information inside the .mesh.ascii file ... and XPS 10.9.7 can handle this informations. The result, the character model from above, looks like this image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2…</a> ... the diffuse map are mirrored like before and the lightmap and specular map are unmirrored. Now the model Looks like "In game". Smile

The Environment example from above:

The first model is released for XPS 10.9.6 without the shadows, because this shadows (AO map) needs a 2nd "non overlapping" UV layer.

The second model required XPS 10.9.7 which can handle this informations ... and looks very well.

Abstract :

XPS 10.9.7 allows to port Video game models with "multiple uv sets" ... without any effort for porters ... and with best render results.

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